Two Bears Pottery
Linda Workman-Morelli

"Rocks, landscapes, and organic shapes speak a language that I try to translate into my art.  I love, love, love playing with ideas and dancing with the creative process."

 Pit-firing, an ancient, global tradition, creates surface patterns unattainable by other firing techniques.  I burnish pieces for hours with a polished agate when the clay is bone dry, which creates a smooth and shiny surface.  In the pit, the smoke permeates the clay body coloring it with grays and blacks.  My favorite pieces are those that emerge with suggestions of misty, mythic landscapes.

I earned a Masters in Teaching and a BA in English from Lewis & Clark College and a BA in Ceramics from Portland State University.  It was at Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts in Maine that I found my voice as an artist.  I have received many blue ribbons for my one-of-a-kind hand-built pieces and my work has been in galleries from coast to coast.  I am grateful for my three children and extremely supportive husband.

 Linda Loading the Pit